Day 1 Recap

What did we learn today?

  • "Always remember why you do what you do - social entrepreneurship is channeling creative energy beautifully. Write beauty into your organisation's DNA and achieve real impact." - Sachin Malhan, Inclusive Planet
  • The social entrepreneurship world fetishizes the individual entrepreneur, new ideas, attribution, and evaluation for the sake of evaluation. If unchecked, these fetishes can hinder actual change. - Sunil Abraham, Centre for Internet & Society
  • "In social entrepreneurship, doing the wrong thing is not a problem.  Doing that same wrong thing again and again is a problem."  Solomon Prakash, Ashoka India
  • "While working with the poor, willingness to pay does not equal money on the table. But anything given free of cost is not valued." -Mukteshwari Bosco, Healing Fields Foundation
  • On rescuing victims of trafficking and forced prostitution: "I see so much evil, its tough to believe there is any good. But it is key to believe in the goodness of people."- Sunitha Krishnan, Prajwala
  • "Too often, traditional monitoring and evaluation is like an autopsy - late, intrusive, and inconclusive.  Metrics should be like taking a pulse - a light touch that's frequently taken. ID your drivers of success, devise key metrics, create reporting templates, schedule regular reviews."  - Rob Katz, Acumen Fund

The day was packed with inspiration, small group learning, one-on-one expert coaching, and powerful connection. We just wrapped it all with an incredible outdoor concert with Max ZT's trio House of Waters, featuring Mishko M'Ba on bass and Adrian D'Souza on drums. When virtuosos rock, it's a powerful thing.

This is truly an amazing group of people. Looking forward to kicking it all off again in just a matter of hours.