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Indian School of Business

With a diverse mix of students from different industries, experiential and holistic learning, international faculty and students, and strong corporate involvement, life at the ISB is a unique experience for students, executives, faculty, staff and their families. And life after the ISB is never the same, a fact our alumni will vouch for.


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Ashoka India

India is home to Ashoka's first Fellow, elected in 1982. For the past 25 years, India has served as a testing ground for most of Ashoka's international Fellowship building programs and other key initiatives. Today, there are over 250 Fellows working throughout India making significant contributions to a wide range of fields, from appropriate technology to gender equity, from health care delivery systems to income generation.


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Beyond Profit


Beyond Profit is the leading publication focused on for-profit social enterprise and development innovation in South Asia. The magazine sparks "beyond profit" thinking in the hopes that the reader will make change--either by starting an enterprise or by investing time or capital in fostering new development approaches. The publication is produced by Intellecap, a development consulting firm based in India.


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Olaulim Backyards

Much traveled, we set about building our beautiful home by the Olaulim River, careful to keep away from the tempting beaches and its ever-increasing tourists. Conceived as a typical Goan casa, we have carefully melded together the resident foliage and sprawling house, creating an ambience that surprisingly showcases an ongoing conversation between them.